Windsor Essex Pet CameosDSC_0214

Doll them up if you wish, but expect them to get down and dirty.  My specialty is  to capture natural cameos of your pet, setting the animals in an environment of fun and activity, where they can run, roll, play or work, while being photographed. This guarantees photos of memorable moments, not just poses!


I live across from Reaume Park, on Riverside Drive in Windsor, Ontario and many of my photos come from that venue, as “Simon” (seen below) demonstrates, caught casually, while on a daily walk with his owner.  It doesn’t have to be fancy!  It just has to capture the true character of your pet in a familiar environment.

However, this park does not allow convenient off leash activity, and thus I am quite willing to come to a more pet friendly environment at your request…including, of course, your very own back yard.

Feel free to email me (see contacts page) with your preferred location, to set up a time for a “Premium Photo Shoot”. ** Keep in mind, lighting is a huge factor.  The best photos are taken in soft sun, or even on overcast days, although, if your pets really like the water, then rain it is!

Beaches, any time of year make an awesome backdrop for your pet, however, an extra charge for mileage will be required for service anywhere outside the City of Windsor.


Simon at Reaume  Park, 2015

**Prices vary per contract, and are dependent on difficulty, location and hourly rate.  All photos are available for purchase, but remain the copyrighted property of Laura Ford.