Laura Ford

Preferring not to question whether it is the forest or the trees that are seen, I tend to look at the base of the tree, to capture what others might of missed.


Laura Ford was born Laura Lea Langlois on June 19, 1962 in the city of Windsor, Ontario.  She attended high school at the Honourable W.C. Kennedy Collegiate Institute, completed her Combined Honours B.A. in History and Geography at the University of Windsor, and her Masters in Arts in Canadian History, at Wilfrid Laurier University in Kitchener, Ontario.

She is known by many (formerly as Laura Benson) for her efforts and accomplishments in the field of heritage, i.e. as author of an award-winning book on the history of Sandwich South, or as the effective Manager of the Wallaceburg and District Museum for many years.  Nevertheless, she is equally recognizable as a motivated entrepreneur, including the creation of Friggin’s Garage and Antique Emporium in Morpeth, Ontario, and the publication of Haflinger, North America a magazine celebrating a unique breed of horse.

However, Laura Ford’s true passion is to write relaxed conversational articles which uncover the wonders of our endangered heritage, whether built, cultural or natural.


pumpkin and I

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