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Laura Ford…Writer, Photographer

A Monarch caterpillar explores a rare “Showy” Milkweed on the very water’s edge at Rondeau Bay. The copywrite, as you will learn, was the horse photography business I was sole proprietor of at that time…named              Equine Image

Being a Freelance Writer and Photographer, Heritage Activist, Conservationist and Marketing Specialist provides Laura with a wide array of experience to tackle research, exhibit design, special events co-ordination, media releases, articles, or graphic design.  Whether it’s your backyard pet, or a piece of valued heritage architecture, Laura can record the moment in stunning vibrancy.  Feel free to browse and familiarize yourself with her background and portfolio.


Horses, Pets, Nature…Friends. . . Photography and Stories capturing the beauty that surrounds us.

Laura Benson lived in the beautiful wetland area of Rondeau Bay, Ontario and has spent years capturing the significant flora and fauna species that inhabit this threatened marshland.  Previously Laura was well known as a photographer of Horses and has had her work published in numerous North American international equine magazines including Paint Horse, Reiner, Northern Horse Review, Canadian Sportsman, TROT, The Rider, Slidin’,  as well as in countries around the world including Austria, the former Czech Republic, and Israel.

As well as photography, Laura is also an accomplished Freelance writer, having both feature and column articles appearing in numerous magazines, newspapers and newsletters.  Most recently Laura was a contributor for the Lake Erie Beacon www.lebeacon.ca where she described in detail wildlife to be encountered on the North Shore of Lake Erie and Rondeau Bay.  Many of these species are either endangered or “at risk”, including the Red Headed Woodpecker, Blandings Turtle and Bald Eagle, and Laura feels that education is the best conservation measure to protect these species.  Rondeau Bay is a popular tourist destination for naturalists, fishermen, hunters, and boaters, and a fine balance must be maintained between these sometimes conflicting users, in order to keep the Bay vibrant, and capable of supporting these dwindling populations of birds, vegetation, fish and animals.

Life changes have brought Laura home as a newly married bookseller in the city of her upbringing, Windsor, Ontario.

She has again found her way to water, living on the shores of the world’s busiest international waterway, the Detroit River.  It has  taken her away from the peace and serenity of her beloved Rondeau oasis, but has opened her eyes to the beauty of this grander watershed region, and even the majesty and history of the mighty ships which ply her waters.

See the world through her observations, here on this site, and explore her blogs for an overview of fascinating information, and surprising lore, of both our natural and built heritage.

Explore too, the fun side of life which our beloved Pets provide through stories, and cameo portraits of our relationships with these creatures we so love.  Horses, dogs, cats, birds and even skunks can provide a myriad of heart-warming, funny, and amazing “tales”!

Laura Benson covers numerous subjects both written and photographically…Pets of all sorts are one of her favourite topics, having written numerous articles, covered many events, or simply capturing the heart and spirit of our beloved furred friends in portraiture.

An image to last a lifetime! 



Latest Achievements:

Updated May 2015:

  • Owner, creator of Friggin’s Garage Antique and Artisan Emporium in Morpeth, Ontario
  • Editor, publisher, creator of Haflinger North America Magazine and Stallion catalogue
  • Owner of private studio, photography business Equine Image, specializing in horse and pet photography.
  • Former Marketing Co-ordinator for Horses Etc. Inc.
  • Nature Columnist for Lake Erie Beacon
  • Contributing guest photographer for the Chatham Daily News
  • Featured Photographer on OASIS HD TV, “MY OASIS”
  • Former Curator/Manager Wallaceburg and District Museum.
  • Former Manager Von Ayres Cultural Centre.
  • Featured Article in TROT, August 2009, “HOOF DOCTOR”
  • Cover Photographer for Czechoslovakian Reiner Magazine
  • Co-Desiger of Heritage Architectural addition to former Howard Twp. Town Hall Building in Ridgetown, Ontario
  • Active member of Rondeau Bay Watershed Redevelopment Comittee
  • Author of Botsford Memorial Award winning book, “The History of Sandwich South“, now in multiple printings
  •  Successful petitioner to save Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Historical Site from private ownership and possible sale and move to the U.S.A.
  • Former owner/co-restorationist of 1855 designated Greek Revival home, “McCollum House“, in Morpeth, Ontario
  • Creator of first archaeological exhibit “Unearthed Answers”, done in partnership with the Heritage Centre of the Walpole Island First Nations

Laura has a passion for heritage both built and natural.  Indeed, her diverse career paths,  plus unique life experiences have honed a natural talent for public administration and marketing, as well as journalistic instinct and a keen eye for the unexpected.

“I prefer not to argue the issue of whether looking at the forest or the trees, but rather to explore the base of the tree to see what others might have missed” Laura Benson




Rondeau Bay, Blenheim, Ontario

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  • 12343 hectare area of significant wetland area
  • Renowned for Bob Izumi’s home location of Bass Fishing
  • Home to eight species of frogs and toads including the endangered Fowler’s Toad
  • Rondeau Bay Waterfowlers’s Association
  • Erieau Wakeboard School
  • Rondeau Bay Yaht Club
  • Rondeau Provincial Park
  • Raglan Rod and Gun Club
  • Active Bald Eagle nest
  • Active Great Blue Heron Heronry
  • Perch, Small and Large mouth Bass, Crappie, Pike and Muskie fishing
  • Internationally significant migration flyway zone
  • Lower Thames Conservation Authority