file_11030For many years Laura Ford ran a photo studio “focused” on the horse world.  Located in Ontario, she created EQUINE IMAGE, and was hired to follow many show circuits, including the Paint Horse Shows, the exciting 2004 Reining Championship Olympic Qualifiers and was hired by Horses Etc Inc file_37753


Oriole Haven Aspenglow, Laura’s own foal out of her registered Haflinger mare Hawthorne Maggie, both of which were the pride of her life!


out of Toronto, as Marketing Co-ordinator.  She also created, edited and published her own horse magazine… Haflinger N.orth A.merica from her Morpeth, Ontario home at the turn of the new century.  However, much as with dogs and animals in the wild, her favourite activity was to photograph horses in as natural an environment as possible thereby capturing the elegance and magnificence of this incredible animal.


Utilizing both her photographic, and graphic design capabilities, Laura was able to create beautiful ads for the owners of stallions, sale posters, and farm advertisements, as well as numerous contracts for private portraits throughout the region.